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HARRY MERRY - Harry Merry and barrel organ De Pansfluiter: Australian Sun

Meeuw Muzak

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"Various friends of mine go wild over Harry Merry. They think hes witty, a genius, an outsider, a true composer in a new tradition or anything something alike. I dont belong to those people. I think Harry Merry, a singer and keyboard player, is a clever man, who carved with weirdness a niche for himself, performing at alternative art locations and every now and then releasing a new record. Here he has one on Meeuw Muzak - now theres a favorite label of mine! - produced by Dear Listener Martin Luiten, who by now has the role of in-house producer for Meeuw - and which label does have such a producer these days? Here he has a song where he sings along a barrel organ, with a song someone carved into the organ book. There are microphones everywhere, so we also the pages going through the organ, which add a very weird quality to the song. In fact its so weird that this easily might be the very first record I hear from Harry Merry that I truly like. Perhaps because I cant stand barrel organs out on the street? Will I listen to these differently next time I pass one? Negative plus negative makes positive? Curious little record with an instrumental version on the flip - now theres a daring move. Crazy indeed." - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly.

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