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MESSENGER GIRLS TRIO - Excelsior Salon Trio

Uzu Audio

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"Messenger Girls Trio, the Excelsior Salon Trio... comprised of Sir Richard Bishop (by appointment to her majesty-what the old broad did to deserve that, well never know) and David Knott (improvisationally board certified music therapist), in congress with Robert Millis and Jeffery Taylor (often known for their recreational duties in both Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT). The quartet last released a trio album in 2002 for the Anomalous Record label. Or perhaps the trio released a quartet album. After that Richard Bishop toured. Dave Knott put peoples minds back together or took them apart--it just depends on your point of view. Climax Golden Twins devoured 78rpm records and other Victrola Favorites. Meanwhile the quartet trio tape kept rolling-cassette players, digital devices, dictaphones, micro cassette, wire recorders, phonautographs, notes on paper.\r\nEdited from hours of material recorded between 2002 and 2008. Mostly improvised in living rooms and on front porches. Mostly in Seattle: on Goat Hill, at the Shabby Greenwood Grotto Studio and at the Sun City Girls cavernous Blue West headquarters, may it rest in pieces. Mostly with acoustic guitars and percussion. Occasional insects were wrangled into the proceedings. Layered. Sliced. Stretched. Messed, tweaked, poked, prodded, beaten and slipped luxuriously onto a vinyl platter for your listing enjoyment and listening pleasure by the epicureans at Uzu Audio. 545 copies of 180 gram vinyl, packaged in a custom made gatefold jacket, silkscreened, stamped, numbered". -Uzu

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