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MICH, LUDO - The Fluidium

Beniffer Editions

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"Fluxus pioneer Ludo Mich new compositions for Beniffer Editions adds to the labels expanded interest in performance art sound recordings.\r\nThe A side documents one raw vocal recording passed from Ludo Mich to Kiyoharu Kuwayama. Kuwayama adds reeds and electronics to create a paranoid environment for a cathartic Mich vocal take. The B Side is the title track for the tape. This documents a performance at Gallery Dagmar De Pooter in Antwerp. Fluidium is a sparse vocal meditation with assistants playing saxaphone and synths. Sounds like a confused alien looking for directions on a new planet. Tape comes in a hand cut cigarette style box with four smaller foldouts that contain photos of Mich and written documentation. The inside is a photo of Mich during the fluidium performance. Edition of 100." -Bennifer.

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