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MILK FROM CHELTENHAM - Triptych of Poisoners

Alga Marghen

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"Milk fron Cheltenham is the first in a series of Alga Marghen editions documenting the activities of the Its War Boys underground label, founded by Amos (of The Homosexuals fame) in the late 1970s. The original LP was issued in an edition limited to 300 copies. The material was recorded from 1979 to 1981 but wasnt released until 1983 due to problems with the silkscreened sleeve. The band only put out this record, a real hidden gem. Lepke said that he wanted it to sound like a Beach Boys LP by using lots of different studios but it was mostly done on a cassette machine with a primitive surround function. Lepke is the man who does the impossible every time he picks up a tin, carton, bottle or instrument. The first person with enough originality to adopt anything to his own idiosyncratic style. Retired to an obscure basement, still without peers in the world. Lounge makes rhythms that by this time need no words of praise with a wallop, that when left, makes the usual praise words disintegrate. A mix of inestimable ability with feelings as wild as it is rare. Salamander has that certain something that most people can never have even if they practice for an eternity. Most important in his influence, most endearing in his emotional impact and most convincing in his new-found authority. If The Homosexuals were a strange prospect, and their music should fit into a similar spot as that of angry young men like Wire and Magazine who carried their penchants for art-school angst in the midst of proto-thug posturing, Milk from Cheltenham were an even more extreme band. Not only progressive with a certain artistic notion (a reference could be found in This Heat, Family Fodder and Chris Cutlers bands Henry Cow and the Art Bears) but also closer to more primitive sound experimentations of a cryptic and sinister Residential perspective. This release finally documents one of the most important projects developed in the scene explored by The Homosexuals. Amos&Sara, Sara Goes Pop, Nancy Sesay & The Melodaires and more hidden mysterious activities will soon be available through Alga Marghen." - Alga Marghen. Highly Recommended!

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