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MILLIMETRE - Sex Dreams of the I Ching

The Tapeworm

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Millimetre is Terence J. McGaughey, who has made critically-praised radical pop music with this moniker since 2004. Millimetre has released four albums -- Love Won Out (2005), Obsidian (2007), Heliography (2009), and 13 Homes (2011), all on Orectic Records. Millimetre writes: Sex Dreams of the I Ching started out as six love songs with strange, fragmented structures that had titles inspired by readings from the I Ching. I didnt know what to do with them, but kept returning to them over and over -- they had an uncanny quality while being totally dissonant and broken. One day I found some recordings I made on a four-track years ago with a WEM Copycat -- mostly my vocalizations looped endlessly -- and out of curiosity played some while playing the love songs in the background. Thats more or less how it began. A fortnight later, all six songs morphed themselves into drones and then, with some minor embellishments, and unfolding melodies, the titles magically fit the new music. Sumetha and James added their parts and the album was done -- no mixing required. As a listener, you may find this album is perfect for playing in noisy environments." - Terence J McGaughey, London, September 27, 2012. " - The Tapeworm.

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