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Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers

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Shit, man? Whats kosmische for illusion". Klang! Hammond organ and guitar apocalypse. It just carries on phasing.disappearing.phasing.disappearing.furry-freakin. Ahhhhhhhh. takes me back to my mate Wolfgang, us stoned on the floor of his caravan in Torquay when we were 14 year old Heads. Still, who were "Edward Fraser and Christopher French"? Was this really recorded way back in "21-22 Dec 1971"? Is the man with the midiverb having us all on? Put it like this, the kids who believed in Santa were the coolest in the school, right?. Right! And for those of us still feel obliged to space? Yeah!!Its a fucking riot that our Zweistein tribute band back in Tamworth never even got close to" - Uncle Florian, "Schlagwerk Heritage Gazette." - Betley. Limited to 50 copies.

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