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MIZUTANI, KIYOSHI - Yokosawa-iri


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CMR is happy to present its first release by long term sound artist Kiyoshi\r\nMizutani. A former member of Merzbow, Mizutani has been creating his solo\r\nwork since 1989, delving into areas of electronic noise, structural sound\r\nsystems of feedback and instrumentation as well as natural compositional\r\narrangements of field recordings.\r\nYokosawa-iri falls into the latter category. All field recordings were made\r\nat this Satoyama, a traditional form of agricultural environment\r\nconsisting of a mountain, a rice field and a small village where people and\r\nnature coexist in harmony. With beautiful clarity Mizutani illustrates an\r\nenvironment and its inhabitants through the delicate combination of found\r\nsounds both natural and mechanical. The Satoyama is a very rare setting in\r\ncontemporary Japan, no doubt one of the reasons Mizutani chose to document\r\nthe area.\r\nConstructed from overlapping forest sounds of wind, trees, birds, rocks,\r\ninsects, animals and children (to name a few sources) the tracks rise and\r\nfall with intensity, at times suggesting the encroaching modern world on\r\nthis traditional area. Yokosawa-iri is a beautiful entry into Mizutanis\r\nalready impressive dossier of sound work. - CMR.

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