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Rotted Tooth

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"MLU may or may not stand for MY LEFT UTERUS. If bands were forced to take names that described the way they sounded, MLU would be an acronym for MASOCHIST LOSERS UNITED. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Musical mascochists of the world, you know who you are, (the kind of folks who like to get blackout drunk and listen to Metal Machine Music at full volume late at night...alone) those are the kind of folks Im talking to, right now. Yeah, you...dude. Get off your fucking pathetic ass right now and pick up this fucking KILLER new MLU record. It will absolutely melt that mind you wasted oh so long ago. Repetitive riffs and misanthropic vibes permeate this feedback drenched, art-damaged slab of heaviness. So much so, that you may as well call the hospital right now, bud, to reserve your spot on the waiting list to see separate neck and ear specialists, cuz you cant help but bang your head full force to MLUs self-titled debut LP and by the time you finish the first side, your eardrums will be fried, just like the synapses in your brain already are. I only feel comfortable talking shit about you assholes because I consider myself one and the same. Suckers (like myself) for Twin Stumps, Rusted Shut, Homostupids, and Nihilism, have been warned.-Lance (Permanent Records). Edition of 300 colored vinyl copies packaged in hand-screened sleeves." -Rotted Tooth

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