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MODERN ART - Circuit Lights (1982-1986)


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The songs that Gary Ramon edited during the Modern Art era (from approximately 1982 to 1989) was basically from cassettes; most of his music didnt take off outside of the English Underground scene in the 80s, probably due to the fact he only had limited copies of his albums, in some cases less that 50.\r\nInspite of the circumstances his songs are still fondly remembered by many lovers of independent music and after many years others have also discovered his surprisingly fascinating work, (partly) thanks to the internet. Nowadays its much more difficult to enjoy his music in its original format and even more so to enjoy his completed work. For all these reasons we have decided to produce this selection which gathers up and represents part of the original work during the most experimental era of Gary Ramons music career. We constantly wonder why this compilation has not been thought of before now. \r\nLP presented in a heavy weight matte die-cut jacket, with printed inner sleeve. Edition: 320 copies. -Domestica. Gary Ramons homemade synth/new wave based recordings prior to the Sun Dial/Acme era of the 90s.

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