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MOLE HOUSE - Be Around

All Gone

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Edition of 200 copies. Full color cover, printed labels. \r\nIn 1965 good Ol Bobby D did something worth gold bars, when he played Newport, electric changing Folk" forever. With that said others went on to do way more interesting things with the genre. Mole House tarry on in a minimal yet complex truism few dare. Moseying along some no frills 5th dimension. This isnt designer lo-fi plotted by your typical opportunist that flood the aesthetic, just true stories and lost chords are what this three piece offer.The song craft here demands attention, it doesnt give you the typical options/distractions of most modern music, but with a close listen a captivating sense of juxtaposition comes full circe between the lyrics and notes, what your left with is complete. An understanding of when less truly is more.

you can file this next to the UN LP or Wreck Small Speakers being ashed on by some slugish narco Gibson Brothers blues feel. believe me we wouldnt steer you wrong you need this one." -All Gone.\r\n
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