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MOON ON THE WATER - Moon On The Water

Black Sweat

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"Moon On The Water is a mysterious sound aurora on the magical paths of the infinite universe of percussion, originally released in 1985 and then almost completely lost. The well-educated drummer Tiziano Tononi, together with David Searcy and Jonathan Scully, while working at the temple of classical music Teatro alla Scala in Milano decided to realize a personal compendium of sounds using only percussion instruments. The recordings offer an amazing concert of sounds with acoustic purity in perfect balance between wild rhythm and deep relaxation. Ecstatic elements of Japanese ambient minimalism dialogue with contemporary music solutions (Varese, Ligeti) in the stream of a harmonious fusion of ancient and modern. It's a propitiatory ceremony of supernatural things that opens portals of blissfulness, tribal and shamanic darkness, and timeless jungles. Between Amazon fires and African safaris, one floats in Asian rivers of meditation, gets lost in water games, hears echoes of caves and rocks in the night, synergies of frogs, birds, snakes, marimbas, chimes, gongs, and tubular woods." - Black Sweat.
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