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Variant cover has red ink on brown cover. Latest on Bryan Ramirez (Universal Indians, Ex-Cocaine, etc) Montana-based Killertree label. Silkscreened edition of 300. "Mordecai is a band made of vintage parts hammered together in a dilapidated garage by youthful mad scientists. It's a familiar sound if you know the Stooges, or if you know Poison 13s Tim Kerr and his numerous Texas garage rock reincarnations: grungy, almost falling apart, full of cool sneering vocals. Dont mistake Mordecai for indie hipster. This is real underground. It's how you feel when you thought life was all about the Stones and then you heard the Cramps‚ Äùthat kind of shiver up the spine. The Butte bands new album from local Killer Tree Records boasts nine songs with simple names like "Light," "Iodine," and "Horse" plus the occasional two-letter title, as in "Blow Happy." It's the kind of thing you can do the twist to, but more sinsister. Brothers Holt and Elijah Bodish don't hold back from messiness. Especially on "Seatbelt," where the screech of fingers across frets and cacophonous solos make it a hungry, honest collection best heard on vinyl since it was recorded in an 80-year-old YMCA in Butte." - Killertree.

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