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"Troubling rituals are gathering. Haggling skills are becoming golden chisels, and granite belts grind them to sparks. Turning with traction, these sparks gather like flies. The kinetic tones of acceleration found within Mother of Fire combs the psyche for hints of panic and replaces it with an imperative momentum. Drive away superficial doubt like a herd of unwanted beasts, and allow the sagacious freedom our instinct rightfully deserves, its requisite course. Channeling this responsibility with confident sincerity, the troubling is at once the relaxing. This conviction and tolerance is persistent, enabling a bloodletting which battles to cure and to cull. Without the contemporary irony used to punctuate and justify in distanced safety, Mother of Fire instead creates an honest reflection through brave hand forged lenses.\r\n\r\nChurned in memory-like cycles the ritual is commanded by searing bow strokes and a Muscovy glass voice. Silhouette elements pass decree through almost ancient melodic incantation. The stable hand of song in a world saturated with scattering distraction. Beside these earnest standards a rich understandable darkness, like the pulse of frozen lakes and failing factories, urges us toward the terrible, daunting and sublime. It is here in the folds of both endurance and remedy that Mother of Fire sways with darkness until darkness swoons". -Asa Irons

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