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Prescription Disc & Acme

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PRESCRIPTION SERIES: These are the remaining copies of the ACME labels late 90s Prescription series. This run of 8 LPs was inspired by the private pressings phenomenon of the late 60s early 70s. All are editions of 99 copies on 180 gram audiophile vinyl (cut from original quarter inch master tape by direct copper plate lacquers) with handmade jackets and were until now only available via yearly subscriptions of 4 LPs for 100_Ǭ£ (which comes to about $170.00 for 4 LPs). "To Insure the mystique of these recordings, we will be destroying the master tapes and metal work of each release ensuring that these releases can only be accurately enjoyed via this vinyl format" - Acme. MOTHER YOD is a side project of the UK space/psych band Chemical (LPs on ACME).

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