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"Günter Müller: selected percussion, MD's, iPOD, electronics. Norbert Möslang: cracked everyday-electronics. Recorded 21.10.2001 at the Loft, Köln. "Boom Box is one of the first recordings of Norbert Möslang after the break up of Voice Crack, his legendary Duo with Andi Gühl which lasted a good 30 years. On Boom-Box, Möslang also plays his cracked everyday-electronics, but their tonal surroundings is a different one. It is a wide, ethereal tonal ambience, the structures are lucid, the music is transparent. Again and again there are foregrounds and backgrounds, individual tonal configurations stand out clearly and distinctly, specific sounds are repeated, thus creating a scaffold through which other sounds are elegantly woven."" - Grob .
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