MUSIC - Vols. 1-3


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All 3 issues of this late 90s mag, published by Yuzo Sakuramoto and Gary McCraw, bundled in a printed cloth obi-style wrap. #1: Gary Numan, Takehisa Kosugi and Eye Yamataka interviewed by Takako Okamoto (of HEAR Sound Art Library), David Tudor, Nam June Paik, Christian Marclay and Yasunao Tone (of Fluxus, Group Ongaku, etc). #2: Milford Graves, Laetitia Sadler, Diedrich Diedrichsen, Conlon Nancarrow, Jim ORourke and Stereo Total. PLUS Satoru Higashiseto sheds some light on one of the greatest (tied with Pinakotheca?) and most mysterious late 70s/early 80s Japanese labels, Vanity Records. #3: Michael Snow interviewed by Alan Licht, Stephen Prina, Thurston Moore, Nam June Paik, Null New York w/ Actress, Neon France, Bedroom Productions, etc. Finally restocked after 7-8 years..

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