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MV CARBON - Dislodged Perihelion

Ecstatic Peace

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MV Carbon is a Brooklyn-based musician/artist with a completely unconventional and wildly conceptual approach to music-making and performance. She uses fragmented field recordings, cello, guitar, analog synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, tape manipulations, and photosensitive oscillators to create eerie and weirdly unsettling compositions. Carbon has collaborated with a whos-who of avant-garde contemporanea: Aki Onda, Tony Conrad, Evan Parker, John Wiese, C Spencer Yeh, Twig Harper, Bill Nace, John Edwards, Culver (Skullflower), Okkyung Lee, Smegma and a host of others. She has performed internationally for years in galleries, rock clubs, museums, attics, basements, gardens, etc. With her band Metalux she has released music on some of the most interesting labels of the last ten years: 5RC, Load, Hanson, Veglia, No Fun, and Nihilist. Her work with the band Bride Of No No has two releases out on Atavistic. Her solo cassette tape, The Shaft, was released on Period Tapes in July 2011. Carbon is also a painter and installation artist whose artwork has been exhibited at a number of U.S. galleries. Dislodged Perihelion utilizes vintage drum machines and synths, guitar loops, tape machines, voice, and cello. The lyrics abstractly reveal particular scenarios, images, moods, and impressions where the listener feels and experiences sensations from disruption to enchantment. Edition of 300 LPs with silkscreen covers printed by Rel Records. -Ecstatic Peace

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