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MV & EE - Fuzzweed


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"With each successive release, MV & EE strive to map new territory and to travel more distant orbits. It makes sense that this mission is their furthest reaching yet. While theyve long been comfortable navigating the same planes as such cosmic explorers as Sun Ra and Alan Silva, Fuzzweed sees them planting their freak flag in the sorts of different galaxies where the atmospheres counterpoint the music of the spheres with the more earthbound plaints of the blues. Please remember that The Golden Record that NASA sent up with Voyager back in more optimistic times included Dark Was The Night. That concept -- listening to Blind Willie Johnson in space -- strikes me as an apt analogy for what this Fuzzweed accomplishes on every spin. Includes bonus live CD (Live at Zebulon Residency January 2011)". -Pete Coward.

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