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MV & EE - Home Comfort


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"Here is the first ever all live LP of MV & EE material and it is the perfect example of the scene in the tapers pit. The familiar tunes which have become staples in their set shine with an unheard intensity with killer solos and sonic excursions into the unknown, and then there is the deep of their singular environments, their space which manages to showcase the pastoral freakouts and cosmic raga forms so singular to this unique band. Home Comfort distills the gems of their live shows onto sweet wax. For those familiar with MATT and ERIKAs cottage label Heroine Celestial Agriculture, known to the heads as Heroine, this LP reads like a best of curated by the you are there Swingin Pig and the results are a stunning cross section of their duo exchange, funky trio with WOODS JEREMY EARL and big band exploratory stomp with DOC DUNN, MUSKOX, and WILLIE LANE of the GOLDEN ROAD._Ç Here is the true sound of MV & EE with the songs, the extended jams and the feeling. This seminal duo and all they sail with need to be heard live and need to be heard live often, what a glorious document from the tapers pit. Thats tapers pit twice in a paragraph, class. Peace. Limited to 550 copies." - Woodsist.

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