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20 City is proud to release Uva, a new CD by sound artist Seth Nehil. In the\r\nfield of electroacoustic music, Nehil is perhaps best known for his\r\nlongstanding partnership with John Grzinich and Olivia Block as Alial Straa,\r\nformed in 1994. Nehil also participated in the Orogenetics arts collective\r\ntogether with Michael Northam and John Grzinich, operating in Austin, Texas\r\nfrom 1996-99. Now based in Portland, Oregon, Nehil continues to collaborate\r\nwith Grzinich, Northam and Block in sound, performance and organization.\r\nSeth Nehil possesses an uncanny ability to create a wealth of sounds using\r\ninnovative recording and performance techniques, without relying on effects\r\nboxes and processors. He creates complex sound environments that are subtle,\r\nclear and close. His sounds seem to emphasize the very silence that\r\nsurrounds them, creating an infinite space for the listeners imagination to\r\nroam. Uva presents one track, just over 20 minutes in length. Objects in\r\nmotion, a complex layering of textures, circular sounds and harmonies that\r\nintensify and recede... these are the constituent parts of this engaging new\r\nwork. The term uva" means grape, associated with ferment and intoxication,\r\nand is also associated with "ova" (the womb, birth, new forms). Uva thus\r\nimplies the intoxication of new forms, the pleasure and disorienting quality\r\nof this music, the ferment of its creation, and the birth of its reception\r\nthrough the ear." - Richard di Santo.

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