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"Welcome to the first commercial release of Troubled, the sole output from Vancouver, British Columbias all-but-forgotten Jesus rock trio, the New Creation. Originally pressed in 1970 in the vinyl LP format in a limited run, this album never quite made it out of its hometown borders. It would be another two or three decades before anyone outside of the groups small circle would hear it at all. The obscurity of this album is impossible to overstate. Only 100 vinyl copies were ever produced and none were available commercially. The New Creation were partly inspired by the music of the Jesus People movement, a Christian adaptation of the 60s movement, which shared the same Haight-Ashbury district birthplace. Jesus People patterned their language, fashion, and music after their hippie neighbors in an attempt to update their expression of faith. This street level movement gained mainstream media exposure around 1970 and within a year cover stories ran in Newsweek, Life, and U.S. News and World Report. Musicians in this scene plotted their own course in an attempt to counteract what they saw as the destructive themes in much of mainstream rock music. Acts born out of this grassroots movement would inspire believers worldwide to cut their own record -- contract or no contract." - Companion. "A showcase of raw, inventive musicality. Categorically, its -- I dunno -- Sixties Garage Godcore? Yet it transcends being a mere period piece. The songwriting is deliriously brilliant, the lyrical perspective haunting. The bands sincerity is unquestionable, even if its meters are unfathomable." - Irwin Chusid.

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