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NICODEMUS & MATCHEZ - A Light In the Dark

Parallel World

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Nicodemus, Detroits web-spinning madman of wisdom and space, is a subcultural Renaissance Man. He and his brother Matchez have recorded, singularly and collectively, over 50 albums for Zedikiah Records, the record label Nicodemus started in 1970. He has published 14 books of poetry, prose and fiction. He has sired three sons by as many wives and presided over the infamous Satans Last Revenge Motor Club. He studied for 11 years the healing ways of the Mescalero Apache and is known as Whitecrow in Native American circles, proudly displaying the symbol of a healer over his left eye. He is a surrealist painter of some renown who signs his work Chongo. Nicodemus and Matchezs recordings have long been held sacred by a worldwide cult of fanatics of esoteric music. Their sounds are eclectic, ranging from future folk to heavy rock and even acid house... Jello Biafra said about Nicodemus in Incredibly Strange Music: My runaway favorite space-folk artist... an instantly recognizable voice thatll send chills down your spine. - Parallel World.

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