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NITSCH, HERMANN - 8th Sinfonie

Cortical Foundation

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"'I have one Sinfonie' professed Hermann Nitsch identifying with Bruckner who made a similar claim of his symphonic output. For comparison, La Monte Young has a similar concept, for example, The Tortoise, His Dreams, and Journey's from 1964 -- eternity, with each realization, the piece never ends; it's a continuation. Professionally recorded in 1990 in Vienna and realized by a professional orchestra, the 8th Sinfonie by Hermann Nitsch is a triumphantly charged live performance by Ensemble 20 Jahrhundert, the Hugo Distler Choir, a Blasorchester (Brass Band), and Noise Orchestra.The 8th Sinfonie was produced to commemorate the 62nd Birthday of the Viennese Actionist founder Hermann Nitsch. A limited Artist's edition of 20 in a foil embossed cloth folio with Hermann Nitsch signed original artwork, including 2-LPs and 2-CDRs. This regular 2-LP edition is limited to 185 copies." - Cortical Foundation.

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