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NO NECK BLUES BAND - Languid Red Marchetti


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"Recorded close to the groups inception in 1994, Languid Red Marchetti is the NNCK sound in its empirical form, rhythmically a-linear and fundamentally abstract. While NNCK would go on to become a seven piece performing group, recording and touring extensively, this recording documents a smaller group of four original members engaged in the hermetically sealed sonic exploration which best locates their aesthetic origins. From the groups statement on Languid Red Marchetti: A proto-intuitive Latihan of feedback + pre-scaffold juxtaposition of layers which would come to constitute edifice, and eventually dwelling. Where we would soon occupy this sound, it here was a force in and of itself, its directionless propulsion compounding into substance and landscape. This deluxe edition Planam LP comes with a NNCK generated essay on sound imaging through improvisation and is packaged in a full color jacket depicting The hypothetical dissolve/corruption + subsequent inevitable repetition of Suprematism. Edition limited to 340 copies, with full-color cover, infra-Suprematist inner sleeve and ultra-liner notes insert by Keith Connolly." - Planam.

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