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As a wee lad.. I would make these treks up to Portland from my smaller home-town down south... Id hit these spots like The X-RAY and THEE O HELL CAFE.. and SUBURBIA.. and catch all these weirdos doing their thing.. I saw Jacike O Motherfucker, Smegma, Daniel Menche.. All the OG motherfuckers here in puddletown..... AND I SAW NOGGIN.. who were probably the LEAST forgiving, MOST PUNISHING slab of skree my virgin ears had heard... SERIOUSLY ROUGH guitar/violin scrapes and feedback.. I still dont have any idea HOW they made all of the sounds they pulled out of those little twigs.... Fast Forward ten plus years, and Im a bit older and making a small racket of my own.. were on tour with Gang Wiz and playing up in bellingham, WA with Noggin.. ALL ARE STOKED. The Noggin bros rock up with no amps and TWO violin cases.. so.. now noggins AS ABRASIVE as ever, but totally acoustic.. Now.. a few years further down the road.. and JYRK is releasing their RETURN to electric playing, which is a great amalgam of their INTENSE electric skree and their acoustic athletics. all smashed up into this lil CDR... edition of 150 - JYRK.

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