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NOVELLER - Desert Fires

Weird Forest

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"The solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate (Rhys Chathams Guitar Army, Glenn Branca's 100 Guitar Ensemble, Parts & Labor, Carla Bozulich / Evangelista, Cold Cave), follows up her Red Rainbows CD (No Fun 2009) with this compositional evolutionary step from layered, loop-based drones to more expansive formal arrangements of swells, throbs, tones and shimmer. Almost Alright explores territory charted by Fripp & Eno or synth-heavy contemporaries Emeralds. Kites Calm Desert Fires is a sandstorm of rich, percussive guitar, warm humming bass and swirling rhapsodic chimes. Toothnest (for Chris Habib) arrives at an idyllic sonic plateau of windswept fuzz and tremolo, then charges blindly with a soaring guitar solo evocative of bagpipes triumphantly marking a return from battle. Art by Sarah Lipstate. Originally released on CD by Saffron Recordings. Limited edition vinyl comes with 11x11" insert." -Weird Forest

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