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NOVELLER - Paint on the Shadows

No Fun

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"Mystery hides in the shadows, dreaming of colors that dont yet exist.\r\nNoveller is Sarah Lipstate. She is a young musician and filmmaker\r\ncurrently living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. When she is not busy working\r\non Noveller music or making films she also plays guitar in the band\r\nParts & Labor. Paint on the Shadows is her overdue debut LP full of\r\nbeautiful floating guitar lines, breathtaking soundscapes and precise\r\nsculptures of spiraling sound created by Sarah using double-neck\r\nguitar, a tape player, and various electronic manipulations. Sitting\r\ncomfortably between some of the most well done avant-garde music and\r\nthe new generation of new sound masters we have been bringing you\r\nlately. These are studio tracks recorded by Colin Martson and produced\r\nby Sarah Lipstate and Carlos Giffoni. Limited to 350 copies. Artwork\r\nby Caroline Contillo. - No Fun

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