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NUDITY - The Nightfeeders


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".. reserve yourself a place in your LP collection for the incredible new 12" vinyl monster from Nudity, those killer guitar heroes led by Monseigneur Dave Harvey, former lead guitarist with Tight Bros From Way Back When. I know Ive already bigged up this band before, but I ain't even started, motherfuckers. For not only is D. Harvey one of only two whiteys who can hit me with a raga and make me want more (TiMOTHy Revelator is the other), Harveys also a percipient enough motherfucker to have boosted the bands personnel to new heights by adding former Tight Bros fellow guitarist Quitty on bass, thereby bringing the current Richter Scale stature of this ensemble to Overfloweth. And while side one clocks in at twenty-one minutes of early (TNT-period) DC as played by Amon D_ɬº_ɬºl 2, side two sports a re-mix/re-model by Fucking Champs hero Tim Green, thereby stuffing even more sonic overload into the grooves. Once Nudity get their first full album up-and-running, I know all Hell will break loose cause theyze already majorly there with this release. So dont just kick your heels and wait for Nudity to come to you, demand one of these exquisite vinyl delights and pronto, Tonto!" - Julian Cope,

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