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OLYVETTY - Im Leeren


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We are very proud to introduce you the amazing assault of the power-duo OLYVETTY! OLYVETTY is formed by Claudio Rocchetti (3/4HadBeenEliminated and many many more) and Riccardo Benassi (visual artist and italian experimental underground agitator). The OLYVETTY-project was born in Berlin in 2006, it immediately results as a melting of minimal techno drifts and power-noise fury. They performed in many european festivals like Sonambiente, Flora and Netmage. After their first release as all-encompassing as a hole - a double 12 hand-engraved picture disc - they land to Hundebiss Records who releases the 7 Im Leeren. Artwork: d.i.y pop-up made of black cardboard limited edition in 333 copies!" - Hundebliss

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