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ORA CLEMENTI - Cover You Will Softer Me

Penultimate Press

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Ora Clementi is the pen name of Canadian sound artist and improvisor crys cole and Australian performer and composer James Rushford. crys has previously collaborated with Keith Rowe and Oren Ambarchi (Bocian records) whilst James worked alongside Joe Talia on the highly acclaimed Manhunter LP (Kye). Penultimate Press is proud to unveil this duos new hermetic world of sound, song and speech. Employing farfisa, contact mics, percussion, viola, recordings of James pet chickens, ocarinas, piano and miscellaneous junk Cover you will softer me slides from the sublime to the startling where individual elements delicately fold and fall amongst an unnerving tableaux of failed lip readings, haunted hiss, piano motifs and glistening debris. - Penultimate Press.\r\n
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