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ORACLE - Nataraja Da Nada

Paradise Lost

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Warehouse find of this relic from 1989. Hard ass Texas psych/biker rock, with incredible spiritual tangents" and a pretty cool overload of general stupidity and blabber. Includes insert." - FE. "The lyrics are obscure, but what I pick up spells L-S-D. About halfway through the track the trio takes off for the Andromeda Galaxy, a 10-minute space guitar jam with echoes of Manuel Gottsching and Terry Brooks, before Rameshwar the vocalist reappears to send a final transmission back to the Solar system. Whew! No coincidence they called their recording shack The Sponge - there must have been liquid acid running down the walls in there. Over on the reverse side is The oracle speaks, another 24-minute trip which Im pretty certain was recorded in a lysergic state - theres no other way to explain the strange wave-like in/out-of synch drumming. Beginning with ghostly whispers of Sanskrit the piercing Voice appears again to intone the LP title, before setting off on a bizarre imitation of rootsy garage rock interspersed with crude acid guitar leads.... A conceptual tribal basement acid space guitar trip that is as good as anything Ive heard from a modern - as I believe them to be - psych band... heads who enjoy Ya Ho Wha 13 LPs can find comfort in the fact that there were freaks as flipped out as Yods guys 15 years later, right in the middle of the Reagan-Bush American heartland." -- Acid Archives. Related to the Skuldedog CD we carried a few years back, this is a 1989 release of 1985 re-recordings of material originally written in 1976.. or something like that. Very Highly Recommended!

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