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O-TYPE - Darling

Milvia Son

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"Founded in 1986 by core MX-80 members Bruce Anderson (guitar, vocals) and Dale Sophiea (bass and drums), O-Type very quickly evolved into a four piece with the addition of drummer Marc Weinstein and guitarist Jim Hrabetin. Whereas MX-80 had been blowing minds with its incongruently massive yet intricate compositions turning corners on a dime, the power of "Darling" rose from the smoking dual guitar/ bass lines cruising over a seemingly kraut-inspired rhythm section that is typically propulsive and occasionally pummeling. Where the compositions include vocals, Anderson addresses various social concerns from the perspective of the unfortunate pickers of societys shortest sticks: mentally-challenged asthmatics, autistic stalkers, and naked, angry homeless people. The evocations are realistic enough that we recommend putting a few sheets of newspaper down on your living room before playing this record at home. For many years "Darling" was available only on cassette released on the bands Quadruped label (more recently it was made available as a CDR). It being a personal favorite, Milvia Son teamed up with Dale Sophiea and engineer Peter Conheim to prepare this re-mastered vinyl edition. 300 copies for the world in suitably lurid red silk-screened jackets (courtesy of Mr. Sherry) reproducing the original cover art, and a numbered insert." - Milvia Son.

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