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PANHUYSEN, PAUL - Pendulum Change Ringing

Edition Telemark

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"First vinyl LP edition by Dutch sound and visual artist Paul Panhuysen since 1986. In terms of sound art, Paul Panhuysen is well-known for his long string installations, yet he has produced a vast amount of other sound installations using different materials and sound sources ranging from various instruments to animals such as birds. Edition of 300 copies. Full-color sleeve with photos of the installation and liner notes by Ren_ɬ© van Peer. Black poly-lined inner sleeve. This LP contains a recording of the installation Pendulum Change Ringing", displayed at Pand Koloniale Waren in Hasselt (Belgium) in 2012. The installation consists of twelve engraved Turkish metal platters, each mounted onto a black plastic bin, and placed in a 20 meters long row. The rim of each platter is hit by a metal pendulum operated by a tiny electromotor. Each hit causes the platter to resonate with a rich sound texture full of dissonant overtones." - Edition Telemark.
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