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Aum Fidelity

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"Heart Trio features three lifelong-devoted fellow travelers on the path of healing through sound. World-renowned and revered bassist-composer-leader William Parker has performed and recorded extensively with both Cooper-Moore and Hamid Drake over the past 30+ years. And, the three of them have been core since 2012 in Parker's reborn In Order To Survive quartet. Heart Trio is, remarkably then, their debut as a trio on record. William here plays doson ngoni, dudek, and flutes of bamboo, cedar and walnut. Cooper-Moore on his hand-crafted ashimba and harp; Hamid Drake on frame drum and drum kit. All of this music was collectively composed at the time of its creation. Heart Trio creates balancing music in a world which day to day is more evidently filled with the exponential effect of increasingly grotesque inequity, a world where wars continue to be started and maintained by men adept at manipulation and a thorough disregard for the sanctity of life. Heart Trio creates organic music played on organic materials in a world of exponentially accelerating 'technologies' whose primary stock-in-trade is to transform listeners into more readily exploitable data sets. Yes, Heart Trio creates balancing music, antithetical to destruction. Music to draw sustenance from. Some measure of fortitude, at least, for compassionate souls in the elevating struggle against increasingly inextricable imposed realities that parse a human being's value solely on what they are able to consume. This is music for sunrise and sunset. Daily music. Healing, centering, mantra, heart music. From William's notes included with the release: 'The theory behind this music is the music itself. Empty and fill the heart and soul with sound, letting it dance. Without pretense. We are trying to get to a flow -- Earth, sky, and flowing water sounds that jump out of the painting.'" - Aum Fidelity

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