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Aum Fidelity

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"Cereal Music is bassist-composer-leader-poet William Parker's first spoken word album -- observations from a profound life devoted to the path of finding truth in beauty and speaking truth to power. Parker's words are further illuminated by deeply sensitive sound design created by a likewise devoted artist on the same path, producer and singer Ellen Christi. William Parker's music -- in its vast scope and range of form -- has been an elemental nutrient of countless listeners lives for nigh on five decades. William's words -- whether published on page or spoken from the stage -- are part of that music. They speak on the beauty of life itself, amplifying the light of life ever-present, even in exceptionally difficult circumstance. As his first artistic expression, Parker began writing as a young person growing up in the South Bronx projects, presenting an alternate perception of often bleak surroundings and living conditions in the neighborhood. This early awareness that there was another way of being in the world, has suffused his development into a singularly generous artist and human being. Ellen Christi's singing brings that same affirmation in the beauty of life. She and Parker's previous work together, The Majesty of Jah, is a tremendous feature for her voice. That album also includes the track, 'Baldwin,' with James Baldwin's ever-powerful words and voice resonating even more profoundly within the sonic architecture created around them by Christi. When Ellen got in touch to say that she had begun work on a similar album-length project, centered on William's spoken texts, Aum Fidelity immediately asked that she please send the pieces as she finished them. The cover painting and additional paintings on Cereal Music are by William Parker."" - Aum Fidelity

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