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PARKER, EVAN - Winns Win

Byrd Out

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"Free jazz pioneer, Evan Parker returns to Walthamstow to record an album taking inspiration from the renowned designer and activist, William Morris at the home of the socialist campaigner, which now houses the William Morris Gallery. The original working title for the album was Barbarism Once More, taken from a longer quotation from Morris, which reflects the passion, spontaneity and iconoclastic nature of Evan's playing. However, in light of the death of Evan's friend and leading light of the improvising scene, John Russell, who lived on Winns Avenue, adjacent to the Gallery, Evan decided to offer a tribute to John, calling the album Winns Win. Evan has spoken about entering "a utopian space" when he plays, to which a parallel can be drawn to Morris's novel News from Nowhere, and from there to free improvisation's early political leanings. The album presents nine spontaneous compositions that are very dense, though very melodical at the same time, using pattern and repetition as Morris did in his designs. This is music for headphones, or high-quality speakers -- you're in the room, hearing the movement of the saxophone keys and the breathing close at hand, with the sax in the middle of the room and panning providing a three-dimensional experience. The album release will coincide with the 125th anniversary of Morris's death (October 3rd). The original artwork is "Design for Flowerpot embroidery" (designedc.1876) by William Morris, with additional design by Oliver Bancroft. The Gallery notes "Morris based the design on two Italian seventeenth-century lacis-work panels acquired by the South Kensington Museum in 1875. Lacis is a handmade net onto which a design is darned." For fans of: Peter BrötzmannBinker GoldingOrnette ColemanEric Dolphy. Edition of 300." -BYRD OUT (UK)
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