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PETE AND ROYCE - Suffering Of Tomorrow

Little Big Chief

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"One time repress of 500 copies. \r\nRemastered by members of Pete and Royce and\r\nOfficially licensed reissue from MusicBazz. "Ah I remember it well: After a slurry of then-common Rubber O Cement Detroit jammers around the end of the 90s= It was post gig time 2am and the crew was slow moving/ smoke headed and the always pleasant Grux (Rusty) was digging thru the (then slender) Zone Hut lp stacks, mumbling under his breath about some kinda displeasure: The hard low tech hard jamming SHYLOCK s/t was spinning wildly away on the deck- and Grux pulls his cardboard google suit away from his mug and grunts "Progressive rock...nothing but...I HATE IT..." Funny coming from a dude who always called me MONGO to be shocked by the stack of INTELLIGENT rock: but not surprising to get some prime SF street dumpster digging GRIME back at my grill from the PHD of Goofery.... It was that moment I realized "YES" - finally some jammage that not even the JAMMERS like...FREEDOM. I mean prog rock is like the almighy REGGAE to some: those you cant fly on the plane are gonna jam up & grind the engines to a hater-hault: ALL DAY. PROG: Its outsider-outsider music but with CHOPS and CONCEPTS. Anyone can sound like BYRDS but fuck find me a unit FAST that sounds like anyone from the Killer Dutch camp of Cargo, Windy Corner, Cliffhanger, Ahora Mazda, or the grim brillance of the entire Xhol Carvan outputs or the stark and ragged downer Gravestone lp. Even the well knowns: The Nice, Finch, Colosseum, any Vertigo Jammers: yes those have "the aura" to alienate & "fantasy-ize" the internal of your brain-existence....- Ever read Edgar Allan Poe WHILE "Forbidden Planet" is stroking your globes and massaging the electrics in your nug jelly on a long night ALONE and then fell asleep only to dream of HUXLEY? Ever wish Jazz was friendly wi/ dragons with a slight flirt of GLAM? Can you be a loner and draw Dragons? Did you spend your high school years with one thumb in "Maximum Rock and Roll and the other in A Crack in the Cosmic Egg"? Then playboy you are PROGRESSIVE, be proud. So what is this odd rugged looking lp here? This platter has been called the "first" private press Greek prog lp from the "late and weird" period of prog where things were getting softer and more "living room" soft-strange (re: Mexican Scene ala Iconoclasta) and nearly all the raw homemade privates were starting to sound like Jeff Libermans (amazing) "Summertime" jam off his phemon "Synergy" rec- so dont have the 1980 year by Pete and Royce fool yeah: This Greek duo with all sorts of elaborate help are throwing down a wicked and tuneful dose of Cantenbury UK Cressida-slowed downed Gracious!- styled "Steel Mill" English UK worship deal that can fit right next to your Spring reboot and NOT be filed in next to your Socrates, Poll or Blue Birds wrecks.... Organ runs the game here: there are slight flashes of the claustrophobic high end synth lurch to bring/jerk you back to the 80s but the majority of the movements are rich lavish Hammond pensive deals that recall DOM "Edge of Time" as much as they lay lazily in the thick Emerson shadow. Great songs here: In classic PROG style there is a short intro to side two then a lengthy broken up long concept track about "Death and Decay" thatll sink your boat FAST into a pool of complex arrangements and gadgetry: all well played and thought out: nothing on DERAM was this whacked out, not the World Of Oz single played on 16rpm can get this Brit-close..Even somehow with what I image to be a small budget this thing does NOT sound like the 3 Grit Basement attack of the almighty YEZDA URFA: Instead its big clean sound with strong emphasis on the song writing and plenty ohooks/ the heralded "interplay" is kept slightly and subtle in the back rendering. The beyond amazing cover art is gonna draw/line you in but the SONGAGE is gonna keep you on a one year + lease with option to lurk for an Original. There are many reasons to own this Pete and Royce jammer: 1) its the first time its on wax and as close you are gonna get to owning a Oktohxos-label deal w/o having a child JUST to sell on the black market for loot grip and OG- 2)its way better than the follow up "Days of Destruction" - 3)you can leave the cover laying around in your hut/zone next to your old school ANTI HERO sk8 decks so anyone over will be magnetized to the area by the raw homemade brilliance and booosh and instant convo igniter happens 4) if you are new to the Progressive school this is a fine entrance point before you hooked on the real raw shit like Cobra & Spectator Records camp/ or god forbid you will take the leap into the almighty Rock Progressivo Italiano..... So anyway you shape it up having "Suffering Of Tomorrow" your greasy mitts you are already gonna started turning SOMEONE off: but the nectar of which you ween from Pete and his homey Royce will far exceed whatever SUFFERING you are under a spell from....." - John Olson

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