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 "Italian composer Angelo Petronella reemerges after nearly a decade and a half of silence with Habitat, a stunning five-CD career spanning box set of works composed between 1981 and 2022. Comprising 27 tracks at the borders of radical musique concrète and electro-acoustic invention, guided by deft and subtle hand over the decades into total, immersive sound environments. Petronella has worked at a quiet and steady pace, until now he's only released two full-lengths, 2006's Sintesi da un Diario and 2010's Rimandi e Scoperte, both issued by Die Schachtel to great critical acclaim. Now, after nearly a decade-and-a-half, Habitat offers an unprecedented immersion in Petronella's singular universe of electroacoustic practice. Petronella states of Habitat: "The tracks in this collection represent a synthesis of a significant part of the environment in which I have lived -- sound environment, made up mostly of temporality, but also spatiality. I was inspired by both concrete and studio generated electronic sounds. I made targeted recordings of concrete material and intervened with numerous modifications, both on this and electronic material. The result was a quantity of sounds (which I prefer to call sound microforms) that I combined in stereophonic space." As Keith Fullerton Whitman previously stated about Petronella's work, there are direct connections between the composer's work and the 1970s INA-GRM-grm sound world, especially the "the big three, François Bayle's mutating upper-register textures, Luc Ferrari's distant field-events, and Bernard Parmegiani's metallic drones,," but every step of the way Petronella manages to infuse his work with the depth of those reference points, while creating something singular. An absolute must that can't be missed by any fan of the many incredible realms of experimental electronic unfolding today. Essential for any fan of the outer limits of the electronic and electroacoustic realm. Includes a fantastic booklet." - Private.

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