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PHILEMON ARTHUR AND THE DUNG - Musikens Historia Del 1 Och 2


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CD release from 1992 which compiles the complete works of this strange Swedish duo, including their lone self-titled LP release from 1972 (which supposedly won a Grammy in Sweden(?) and is considered the most cult album in Sweden ever") and a cassette-only follow up from 1987 (sounds like outtakes of the 72 sessions). The group is two Swedish males, who apparently have never been positively identified. The music they perform is in the realms of experimental folk-rock, with the opening track "In Kommer Gösta" featuring a devastating Godz-like brilliance (easily one of the memorable tracks in the entire Silence catalog). Shakers, wobbly effects, lethargic acoustic guitars, bedroom percussion and one of the most idiosyncratic band names ever -- for shambling stoner nonsense, this is Swedens finest entry into the field by far." - FE.

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