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Almost Ready

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"The Pink Noise became one of the best bands in the world in a single night last spring. After a week of practice in Detroit the members drove down to their debut in New York City, Gotham city, the big she-bang, only to walk onstage to instruments they couldnt play and songs they couldnt remember. After antagonizing the crowd for five minutes or so, the purposefully bad set was abruptly ended by a 300-pound bouncer, who proceeded to toss them out of the door. Nobody, including the label-heads in New York who beg to release The Pink Noises music, has heard from them since. Luckily the Alpha record was finished before this fiasco. It is the work of sinister pop scientists running on all cylinders, cramming multiple organs into a single cadaver only to reveal a skeleton for each song. Mixing influences from across the pond (theyd fit in with late-70s Manchester) and across the continent (Northern Cali pioneers such as Chrome and Minimal Man come to mind) with a primitive aura rarely adopted to this style, Alpha gets high scores in every category, its urgency and immediacy unparalleled in the land of limp keyboard amateurs. Now with live drums! Essential 09 listening." - Almost Ready.

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