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Kning Disk

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Limited Edition of 350. Joakim Pirinen, mainly known for his comics and artwork, invites the listener to a sound odyssey with a couple of text-sound compositions together with Mikael Strömberg. The text material consists of short stories from Joakim Pirinens Den svenska apan" [The Swedish Monkey] and some newly produced texts. Here you meet Gösta Jamberts, the man who left Sweden for Uganda to get his revenge on the Swedish state, the exhausted man standing in the rubble, trying to have a cosy home evening, the love struck Yssen behind the couch in the living room or the poor India- rubber tree that never dies etc. Is this music? Or Literature? Or something in- between? The Swedish text- sound compositions of the late 60s and 70s, with names like -É?ke Hodell, Lars- Gunnar Bodin, Sten Hansson and -É?yvind Fahlström tried to expand the boundaries of poetry and music, text and sound. And so does the duo Pirinen/ Strömberg who follows closely in this tradition; the computer music of Strömberg mingles with the readings of Pirinen in patterns mainly determined by chance. The result is often as unexpected as it is humorous." - Kning Disk.

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