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Horizontal Action

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For years, this Chicago scuzz-punk psychedelic prog machine has been turning heads as the Midwests answer to Hawkwind, Can and other mind-expanding primordial brain-fryers. At long last, and after years of preparation, HoZac is proud to unleash the quintessential 7-inch single from PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND as they obliterate the blistering biker-psych formula, blasting the shrapnel deep into the innerspace of your mind. Presented here is their epic Shockwave Rider," edited down from its 6-plus-minute format for maximum loudness and divinity. Featuring a lead guitar line from VEE DEEs NICK DVYNE that will turn your hair white and stir up your endorphins before it even hits the first chorus, all while displaying the gnarly heaviness that PCWS have made all their own." -Horizontal Action

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