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PLASTIC TRASH - Slag On the Tracks 1983-1985


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Maybe at that time it wasnt so clear as it is today, but Plastic Trash is a perfect name for an 80s group... When I discovered them, 1983 was going to be replaced by Orwellian 1984 and their line-up had [been] stable [for] a year and a half. Our meeting happened thanks to a cassette that I received through the magazine for which I was writing... Those five tracks really impressed me and in my review I even wrote: One of the best demo tapes I ever received. After one year that tape was followed by a new one called In Between Us. Something just a bit more improved and still defined by the same hard-hitting sound alchemies based on guitar, keyboards, rhythm section, and solemn, evocative vocals. Some kind of synthesis not too romantic, not too dark, not too pop with a very inspired songwriting style and a sound that was more professional than most of the Italian tapes and records of the period... [They appeared on] A White Chance, a compilation of local artists moving in their orbit: Go Flamingo!, Intelligence Dept., and Plastic Trash, contributing [three tracks from] In Between Us (All Before You, First Time, and If You Turn Off the Light)... they released a third demo with four tracks, again with no title: the same old formula seemed to be enriched by a saxophone leading towards some kind of more commercial (new) wave. The wish of breaking through to a wider audience seemed to be a pretentious dream of glory that never came true; after some more concerts, most of them with a new drummer, in 1990 Plastic Trash realized that the time had come to give up. In 2013, while I was working on my book Noi conquisteremo la luna, I found the three demos, and listening back after all those years they still sounded fresh and dynamic and even brilliant sometimes. Thats how the wish (moral imperative?) of bringing together Slag On the Tracks took shape, as a sort of remedy to the unjustified limited diffusion of that material. In chronological order, the 15 tracks correspond to the bands entire studio legacy. All first choice material and absolutely no slags. So, no reason for any skepticism. Take my word for it. - Federico Guglielmi, June 2014.

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