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PLEBB - Yes It Isn't It


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"Sommor Records present the first ever vinyl reissue of Plebb's Yes It Isn't It, a Swedish private press record originally released in 1979. Heavy twin-guitar fueled underground hard-rock with prog/psych touches. Plebb was founded in 1976 in the small town of Mönsterås (Sweden). The band name was based on the initials of the first band members names. The "P" for "Pemce". "LeB" for "Leif Bergqvist" and the last "b" for "Balder". They were just teenagers (16-18 years old) and in 1977 guitar player Leif Bergqvist was replaced by Peter Martinsson and then the band started to develop their sound and began to write their own songs influenced by their favorite musicians. After recording a private cassette, the band decided to make their first album. So, in 1979, they recorded Yes It Isn't It with almost no budget at a makeshift studio using two locations: the attic of a local biker club and a school. It was produced by bass player Tommy Gustavsson and only 485 copies were pressed on the band's own label, Plebb Records, sold mainly locally to friends but also in some shops in consignment. Highly sought-after by collectors of '70s hard-rock and proto-metal. Master tape sound. Heavy cardboard sleeve; insert with rare photos, lyrics and liner notes." - Sommor Records.

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