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PLOD, THE - Neo City

Rave Up

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Martin Newells band prior to his 80s/90s CLEANERS FROM VENUS/solo recordings. "The Mighty Plod were formed in May 1972 by Colchester Musician Steve Greenfield. The original line-up was Michael Natkansk (drums), Martin Newell (vocals), Carl Symanski (bass), John Fitzsimons (guitar). Their music was based on glam rocks hits of the day such as Slade and Sweet, and a selection of rocknroll standards like Johnny B. Goode and Shakin all over done in a fast thrash style. In 1975 the band recorded five studio tracks including the amazing Neo City. The Mighty Plod turned up again in a feature on lost treasures from the Glam Rock era, the most important bands that got away, in the January 2002 Record Collector." - Rave Up. 

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