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POSSET - In A Palace Of Cockle-Loft

No Basement Is Deep Enough

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"From his arse-end to his brown towels POSSET is a fingers and thumbs kinda guy.-Ç Fat cobblers twitch the ffw and pause buttons on many Dictaphones to marsh and marl fat-grained funk.-Ç If youre a fan of the domestic psychedelic (washing up, napping, making sandwiches, kid-babble etc) be sure to make time for a little IN A PALACE OF COCKLE-LOFT; erect the church in your listening room as you listen to listen to listen-¢‚Ǩ¬¶
30 mins of tape scree, accidental vash and similar dumps.-Ç Its full-throated in places (the tape jaxx) with fully justified Black Metal wannabe status but still lurching twixt Vapor Wave pastels and weak-mung tea.-Ç Like the coldest foghorn.
This classy grey tape, ltd. to 53 copies, comes complete with its own Milja sponsored COCKLE-LOFT template that you crafty folk can cut out and construct.-Ç Guaranteed to protect one from the dreaded psychic surround sound.
Now burn this notice." - Joe Murray.
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