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PRETTY - Mustache in Your Face

Numero Group

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Recorded in an actual cave in western Missouri, the quartet formerly known as the Fabulous Four emerged from the depths in 1969 with an albums worth of wasted psychedelia. Helmed by the Electric Prunes Michael Quint, the session produced one promo-only 45, bearing the truly un-pretty Squeakie label -- a madmans face in red-on-white, howling out of the spindle hole. The songs blend backwards guitar lines, flamenco runs, triple-tracked vocals, heavy distortion, handclaps, key vamps, a Stones rip, and extremely absurd lyrical content. Mustache in Your Face and its flip have been paired with two other magical numbers, their five business card story, and stuffed into a cherry gatefold sleeve. - Numero Group.\r\n
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