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PREVOST, EDDIE - Matching Mix

Earshots Recordings

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In October 2018 we took several recordings in and around Eddie Prévost's home village of Matching Tye in Essex, where he has been living for the past fifty years. The majority of the pieces that made it to this LP took place in All Saints Church, High Laver, the burial site of John Locke. This fact was notable in the choice of title for this set of recordings, and it seemed necessary to put forward Eddie's own take on Locke that he offered in our correspondences: 'Scholars of Locke's philosophy will be familiar with the idea of mixing labour with materials as a fore-running notion of possessive individualism and basis for private property. Such 'mixing' is a persuasive description of a creative act. But the theory is more worthy of a social dimension.' As for the individual titles for each of the studies on the LP, each takes ideas and elements from music past. For example, MaxPlus makes a nod towards bebop pioneering drummer Max Roach who offered an earlier hit-hat study. Eddie utilises such examples, offering further creative insights which can then be woven back into the common wealth of sound. The final track, returning to the bowed cymbal method of the first, was recorded outdoors on a breezy green, and is pictured on the back cover of the sleeve. It was an attempt to capture the playing in its 'metamusical' relationship with the untempered sounds of the external environment. Eddie has written about Metamusic in his book The First Concert (Copula, 2011): invoking childlike 'protomusical' behaviour, or the sense of music that a person might possess before the inevitable influences come to play any role in their productive, and appreciative, musical development. Ross Lambert provided a few words alongside his cover drawing entitled 'The Metamusician': The eyes would symbolise for me things like searching, examining, closeness or friendship I think; engagement with the world. Decisions in making the image were completely intuitive, this is just me looking for the meaning, post-analysing, post rationalising." -Daniel Kordik & Edward Lucas, March 2019.

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