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PUMICE - Magnedisk Recordings Of gFrenzy Songs

Dirty Knobby

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Bleedin gorgeous. Pumice covers 4 songs by NZ genius recluse gFrenzy, and the results will make you want to throw all yr other records out of the window. Seriously unique and utterly gleeful warble-fi gems. Stefan Pumice sez -¢??its a pretty rugged record. 4 gfrenzy songs, i recorded it on this weird dictation machine from the 1940s. its like a turntable but has special flexi discs made of magnetic oxide like analogue tape and instead of a stylus the arm has a magnetic record/playback tapehead. the speed is inconsistent so it sounds wobbly too. all live all mono. hope you like it.-¢?¬ù If you dont, yre a soulless git. Please go away. - Dirty Knobby.

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