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Hospital Productions

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"First copies on limited/USA-exclusive splatter vinyl! The Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement environs conceived by Dominick Fernow and Philippe Hallais complement "artificial spaces" and "synthetic nature" through the decay of "digital rain storms" and "falling comet bass drops". Flying Fish Ambience is the duo's first studio album together after a series of tours, and builds the RSE sound into a deep hypnotic synthetic topography and guided meditation into perpetual stress. The follow-up to the acclaimed Ambient Black Magic (HOS 498CD/LP, 2017), Flying Fish Ambience is a treatise in anti-exotica -- a purpose-built artificial ambient wilderness rooted in wobbling sub-bass, watered wastefully with glossy digital FX. Meticulously assembled over a series of trips, tours and sessions in various cities (Berlin, Paris, New York), Flying Fish Ambience crystallizes the expansive perpetual motion of salt vessels and water basins repopulating with ecological imbalance, this evolution -- as an expression of the live blue entity. Words from RSE: "flying fish ambience flies again / dies again / and splashes through the dark blue waters again and again / to the deep water blue / to the crumbling sandbanks / and to the crumbling monuments / and to a world of unknown deeps / and washed out sands / sun rippling ocean blue / across skeletons of those left behind and skeletons of the mind's green eye! / blue herb ambient returns! / you are the journey's end!" "Rains Coming Down" features Pacific Blue." - Hospital Productions.
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